How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers wiping raindrops


Your car’s windshield wipers serve an important role in your vehicle’s normal operation. But they aren’t designed to last forever. In fact, most windshield wiper blades are only engineered to last six to twelve months! You may even need to replace your windshield wipers sooner if they’re often exposed to extreme temps, road salt, ice, or snow while you drive in Normal. If your wipers begin to streak even when clean, it’s a sure sign that they’re in need of replacement. Here are some other signs it may be time to get new wipers near Decatur from our auto service center:

  • Gaps in Windshield Clearing
  • Scratches to Windshield Glass
  • Cracked Rubber
  • Separated Blades
  • Screeching Noise
  • Loose chunks of blade

How to Clean Windshield Wipers

Have you tried cleaning your current windshield wipers? Sometimes, dirty wipers can cause streaking that you might otherwise attribute to old or worn-out wipers — especially if the wipers on your car are relatively new. So it’s worth checking into this before buying new car parts!

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Windshield Wipers Replaced?

New windshield wipers are generally not too expensive to replace. For wiper blades, you can normally replace them for $20 to $40 (though this may not always be the case with OEM parts). They’re normally not too hard to replace at home yourself. Here’s what to do:

  1. Position your windshield wipers so they’re upright.
  2. Pull them carefully away from the windshield.
  3. Read the instructions on your windshield wiper’s packaging for how to remove them. You’ll either have to depress a tab to pull it off or slide it off with the wiper arm.
  4. Discard the old wiper blades.
  5. Clean your windshield thoroughly to prevent dust and dirt from getting on your new windshield wipers.
  6. Install the new windshield wipers by doing the reverse of steps two and three.
  7. Replace the blade on the other side.
  8. Carefully return your windshield wipers back to their regular position.

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