Understanding When to Use Low Gear

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What is Low Gear Used For?

Have you ever wondered what does L mean on a car gear shift? Or what does the L stand for in PRNDL? The answer is low gear. Low gear is a valuable tool to have on hand, especially if you regularly tow or drive around steeper terrain. Find out when to use L gear in an automatic car, and get more service tips from the experts at Leman's Chevrolet City Llc.

What Does the L Stand for in PRNDL?

When you look at your car gear shift, you’ll see PRNDL: Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, and Low. Low gear is also known as first gear, and it’s a valuable driving mode found on manual and automatic transmissions. This gear limits the amount of fuel that enters the engine, which cuts speed while giving a huge boost to torque. That extra torque can really come in handy during rugged and challenging conditions in Normal, as you’ll see below. 

When to Use L Gear in an Automatic Car

Low gear is found in both automatic and manual transmissions, but often, automatic drivers aren’t aware that they can manually shift into this mode. Not sure when to use L gear in your automatic car? Here are a few great examples:

  • Towing: When towing heavy trailers or boats in Decatur, you’ll need a good amount of torque to move smoothly. This is a great time to shift into low gear for the extra power.
  • Steep Inclines: Driving uphill is hard on your engine, so shifting into low gear can be a good idea. This will cut the wear and tear on your powertrain while boosting your performance.
  • Long Declines: Driving downhill is rough on your transmission, so low gear can also be a handy option when driving down lengthy declines. Not only can it help save your transmission, but your brakes as well!
  • Off-Roading: Want an extra edge while navigating unpredictable terrain in Springfield? Low mode might be just what you need to muscle through your next big adventure. 

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